Pre-placement questionnaires are completed by your employees once the offer of employment has been made and accepted.

The benefits of Pre-placement questionnaires:

  • Indicate if the employee is medically fit for the role for which they have been employed according to the specified duties.
  • If appropriate, confirm that the employee has the necessary up to date vaccinations for the role.
  • If it is possible that the employee may be exposed to workplace hazards, the Pre-placement assessment establishes a baseline assessment.
  • Indicate any adjustments to be made to enable the employee to fulfil the duties of their role.
  • Consider the duties of the role to help ensure the role has no adverse effects on the employee’s health.
  • Consider the risks the duties of the role may expose the employee to and make recommendations on how to reduce or remove workplace risks or hazards.

See Tips for dealing with difficult pre-employment medical screening issues from Personnel Today: Occupational Health and Wellbeing.

On-line portal

Recruitment decisions  need to be made quickly, effectively and with the minimum of cost. Our on-line portal means the Pre-placement questionnaires can be submitted quickly and easily and turned around quickly by an expert OH professional to accelerate your recruitment process.

The Pre-placement questionnaires are reviewed and assessed by our expert occupational health adviser, who assesses whether  the employee  is fit for work, fit for work with advisory limitations, not fit for work or if more information is required to make an assessment.

If the Pre-placement questionnaire assessment throws up any areas of concern then we  suggest that the employee is referred to our EasyACCESS Telephone OH assessment.

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