Seeking to promote wellness at work?

Your responsibility for wellness promotion

Healthy workers make for healthy business!

Here at Health in Action we know the value of having workplaces which promote a healthy lifestyle, in fact we have seen it.

These places seem to have more of an edge, employees appear to be more motivated, feel valued, are willing to engage and then have the energy to play after work.

After all, there is a real connection between body, mind, emotions and spirit. Whatever lifts up one area of a person will benefit all the others. What a great picture!

How we help you with wellness promotion

There are a few ways Health in Action can support businesses and organisations in promoting healthier workplaces:

  • If you have a Health and Well-being or Occupational Health department we can support you in delivering your own programme to any location in the UK. We make it easy for you by giving a great flexible, professional service and even have an online booking system so you don’t have to waste your time.
  • If you don’t have a plan but want to develop one, we can work beside you to develop a programme which suits the objectives and budget of your organisation.
  • Or if you are just looking to dip your toe into the water to see what the fuss is about, why not try one or two we came up with?

Here’s some of our ideas

You might also have some of your own… (we think they are fun, isn’t that supposed to be a big part of health promotion?!)

The Confessional

Come and confess your sins (diet and lifestyle that is). This promotion helps employees reduce the amount of cholesterol and other bad stuff in their diet and show people how healthy eating and exercise can be an easy part of their life. Each employee has 15 minutes with our qualified Nurses take blood pressure and total cholesterol readings and then give employees a chance to confess. Lots of laughs, and lots of ideas on how to be healthier.

Sex, drugs and sausage rolls

We reckon that if you look after your body today, then you set yourself up for a healthier tomorrow. Lots of times people put off going to their GP either for a check up or to ask something they are worried about. A Nurse is a great person to talk to about health matters; they can either set your mind at ease or point you in the right direction. In these 15 minute sessions with each person we will take a blood pressure reading as well as height and weight measurements, and then give employees a chance to talk about their health.

Full English (or if you live in Scotland, a Full Scottish)

The full works! An action packed 15 minute appointment where our qualified Nurses take blood pressure and total cholesterol readings, as well as height, weight, body fat%, body water% and hip-waist ratio. Then they will give lots of good health advice. A bit of a check up really, a chance to take stock. Maybe even turn over a new leaf?!

Contact us to find out how we can help you deliver effective wellness promotion for your people to improve employee health, reduce sickness absence and increase productivity.