Health In Action (HIA) was founded in 2008 and is an Occupational Health service provider within the UK. We seek to work in close partnership with your organisation to build a healthy and resilient workplace.

This sets your organisation free to deliver robust and consistent services while providing a stable platform from which to grow. All whilst ensuring you’re meeting your legal requirements.

We aim to develop solid and lasting relationships with our customers while delivering a service which works in harmony with your organisations culture and aims.

This then means that you get an Occupational Health service with an “in-house” feel without all the issues of maintaining it.

We work hard to understand your organisations aims, culture, needs and health risks. Therefore meaning we’re then able to provide a tailored plan for the implementation of quality workplace practices for you and your employees. We believe this will therefore create a fit and valuable workforce for your organisation.

Our vision

To transform the lives of organisations and individuals by empowering them to manage their workplace and personal health, in a sound and constructive way, through applied expertise, innovation and relationships.

Our strengths are:

  • Delivering great customer service.
  • Working in partnership with client companies.
  • The extent of networks which include experienced OH Physicians, Health Screeners, Health and Safety professionals and other OH specialists.
  • Delivering services to both corporate businesses and charity organisations.
  • Providing services to high clinical standards.
  • Availability of skilled practitioners from the entire health at work sector. These are able to be called upon at any time, to provide the information, service and programs necessary for the smooth running of your organisation.

Service Coverage & Customers

Our main client base is in London and the Midlands. However we deliver services all over the UK including Scotland, Northern Ireland & Wales. We understand some of our customers have offices throughout the country, including home and remote workers.

We supply a variety of Occupational Health, Training, Wellness Promotion and DSE Assessment services to public sector and private sector organisations.

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About Health in Action