Is Brexit impacting the productivity of your employees? Every day, we receive new information about how the consequences of Britain leaving the EU may or may not impact us: our careers, our health and even our collective hope.

Is the the ‘B’ word messing with the psyche of a nation?

Is the UK’s position in the world starts to change and our nation’s psyche along with it, every individual person is responding differently. Some people are carrying on with their day-to-day without a care in the world because they don’t believe Brexit will impact them while others have been so empowered by the Brexit debate that they have become political activists.

But, what about everyone else in the UK? More than half are said to be feeling anxious, upset, confused and stressed… A poll of the nation carried out just a few days ago (April, 2019) by research company ‘Britain Thinks’ found that 64% of the nation believe that the Brexit uncertainty is causing personal anxiety.

What if it’s your healthy and resilient employees that are being impacted by Brexit fears? Their personal thoughts could be stifling productivity and impacting your business. Is Brexit impacting the productivity of your employees?

To help you help them – the first thing you should do is consider what and who to look out for.

Do you have employees from an EU country?

They could be bearing an extra load. Fear of the unknown, not having the right documents or even not having access to an Android phone, which is the only way an EU resident can scan identity documents for citizenship application. All these issues could be plaguing their thoughts.

Do you have employees who have suffered from mental health issues in the past?

Pay special care to them. On a recent Channel 5 expose, a brave person named Sarah aired her personal story about how she lived her life with a lack of belonging, “I was on the road to recovery… [but] Brexit undid all of the therapy.” Sarah always identified as European and with the feeling of this being taken away from her, a sense of belonging went with it.

Do you have employees under 30?

While anxiety can impact everyone at any age, apparently optimism is in shorter supply amongst those under 30. A 2017 poll of 4,000+ people aged between 18-30 revealed that 1 in 3 had experienced a decline in mental health since 2016, with nearly half citing financial security and Brexit as the cause.

These three categories do not cover everyone, but they prove that our nation’s uncertainty is overwhelming for some.

From this anxiety, there needs to be action from employers. So, here’s the key question .

What should you do if Brexit impacting the productivity of your employees?

There are many fears about ‘opening up’ at work – some fear that doing so could: limit their opportunities, get in the way of promotion or cause an argument. Therefore your first step should be to use internal company communications to let your employees know that All health matters and it’s okay to talk, even about Brexit.

Once this message is understood, it becomes your responsibility to create safe spaces for these discussions to happen and you should raise awareness through training about how to assist someone with mental health problems. There’s a high probability that you have a first-aid box in your office, so why not also give your staff the tools to recognise signs of stress or mental ill health in themselves and in others, and then help?

If you don’t have the resources to undertake such a task in-house, or if you want to know what else you can do – then why not utilise a company such as Health in Action? The company transforms the lives of organisations and individuals by empowering them to manage their workplace and personal health in a sound and constructive way, through applied expertise, innovation and relationships.

Within all the upheaval of Brexit, Health in Action can help your employees manage the uncertainty in the weeks and months ahead and in turn, your productivity will flourish to pre-Brexit levels.

Is Brexit impacting the productivity of your employees? Contact me to discuss how to approach your Brexit employee health challenges.