EasyACCESS™ Occupational Health Assessments

Now you can quickly and easily access affordable, high quality, occupational health assessments

Our EasyACCESS™ service is an affordable pay-as-you-go, tele-health assessment service.

It enables your staff to connect with a highly qualified OH professional quickly and easily without the need for time-consuming travel.

Ideal for busy, returning and remote staff.

Save time and money & increase efficiency with convenient, affordable health tele-assessments

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Sickness absence EasyAccess

The 3 Tier’s

To help our customers maximize their OH budget, whilst ensuring that they are getting the service that they need and reducing the amount of reviews which are needed, we have developed a 3 tier OH assessment structure which is administered through our EasyACCESS portal on-line.

Targeted –  A telephone assessment which is suitable for employees who do not have very complicated medical or mental health issues or workplace performance issues but still require an OH review.  The assessment takes approx. 20-25 minutes.

Enhanced – A telephone or skype assessment for those who are not recovering as planned, who have complex medical or mental health issues, workplace performance or interpersonal issues or other complicated factors.  The assessment takes up to 40 minutes.

Face-to-face – There are some cases where a telephone consultation is not appropriate including ill health retirement, conditions where a physical assessment or observation is required to accurately assess fitness for work issues or complex or legally sensitive cases.


There are distinctive features to our system which enhance quality, efficiency, data security and user experience:

  1. Secure referral and report release through our EasyACCESS portal.
  2. Helpful questions provided in the referral for the referrer to select as well as space to ask other ones.
  3. The employee logs in and completes a short health history which gives the OH Advisor or Physician more information up front enabling them to maximise the appointment time.
  4. The employee selects and books their own appointment which is then confirmed with the individual and the referrer and/or HR notified as well.

The EasyACCESS 5 Quick Steps

Step 1

Complete referral via the on-line EasyACCESS™ portal: referral checked by us to ensure applicable

Step 2

Employee receives link via email or text, logs-on and completes health history

Step 3

Employee books own appointment, confirmed by us to employee and line manager

Step 4

Health assessment conducted by qualified health professional by telephone or Skype

Step 5

Report released within 3 working days

Will this be as effective as face-to face case management?

  • We’ve found over 80% of case management sessions don’t require complex medical assessments
  • The majority can be addressed with advice from a qualified, experienced health professional
  • We support you and your employee to resolve the issue before it develops into a more serious matter
  • The quality of the advice is not compromised, and the method of delivery is quick, easy and streamlined
  • Should a face-to-face session be required we’ll let you know when you make your referral


    ✓ Speed-up and reduce the cost of OH health assessments

    ✓ Comply with legal requirements and support absence management

    ✓ Reduce long-term & multiple absence and increase staff retention

For affordable, accessible occupational tele-health assessments

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